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Neighbourhood Plan

On 12th April 2016, following a meeting of Cheshire East's Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning, the Audlem Neighbourhood Plan(ANP) was approved, or to use the official word, made. This means that the ANP became a statutory document that Cheshire East must take into account when determining planning applications.

This decision took into account the fact that on March 24th, 2016 the ANP referendum was held, which resulted in an overwhelming vote in favour, with 96.7% of those who voted saying 'yes'.Speaking at the meeting, Parish Councillor Geoff Seddon told the meeting that the Plan represented the clear wishes of the residents of Audlem in relation to development, as demonstrated in the recent referendum.

He quoted the Plan's Vision: "We intend to proactively enhance Audlem's position as the Local Service Centre for the area through gradual, managed, well-planned development."

He went on to say that Audlem, like many other parishes in Cheshire East, has attracted and is still attracting, speculative planning applications for unwanted and unnecessary development. He told Councillor Ainsley Arnold that the Parish Council expects that Cheshire East's planners will now, hopefully, take into account the clear wishes of Audlem's residents. Finally, he thanked Cheshire East Council for the invaluable support that had been received, both from officers and financially through being one of the Authority's 'Front Runner' Group. Councillor Arnold then commended the efforts of residents in bringing the Plan to fruition. Spatial Planning Manager, Tom Evans, was very complimentary about the Audlem Neighbourhood Plan, saying that the document was particularly robust and would come into effect immediately.

The links below give access to the final version of the Audlem Neighbourhood Plan, the Independent Examiners Report and Cheshire East Council's Decision Document.

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The village of Audlem is part of the unitary authority of Cheshire East.

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