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April 2021APC Agenda March 2021FSC Agenda 24 Feb 2021APC FebruaryFinance Sub Committee AgendaAPC AgendaAPC DecemberAPC agenda November 2020APC agenda October 2020APC agenda September 2020APC Agenda July 2020Finance Sub Committee Agenda June 2020APC Agenda June 2020Finance Sub Committee Agenda June 2020 – CANCELLEDFinance Sub Committee Agenda May 2020APC Agenda May 2020Finance Sub Committee Agenda March 2020 CANCELLEDAPC Agenda March 2020APC Agenda February 2020APC Agenda January 2020Finance Sub Committee Agenda December 2019APC Agenda December 2019APC Agenda November 2019APC Agenda October 2019APC Agenda September 2019Finance Sub Committee Agenda August 2019APC Agenda July 2019Finance Sub Committee Agenda June 2019APC Agenda June 2019APC Agenda May 2019APC Agenda April 2019Finance Sub Committee Agenda March 2019APC Agenda March 2019APC Agenda February 2019Finance Sub Committee Agenda Jan 2019APC Agenda January 2019APC Agenda December 2018APC Agenda November 2018APC Agenda October 2018Agenda September 2018Extraordinary APC Agenda 24-07-2018APC Agenda July 2018Finance Sub Committee Agenda June 2018APC agendaAPC AgendaExtraordinary Agenda 01-05-2018APC agenda 23-04-2018APC Agenda April 2018APC Agenda March 2018APC AgendaAPC Agenda January 2018Agenda 4th Dec 2017Agenda Finance Meeting 27-11-17APC agendaAGENDA 2-10-17AGENDA-4-9-17AGENDA-10-7-17APC-AGENDA-June-17Finance Sub Com-AGENDA-8-5-17APC – AGENDA – 8 May 2017AGENDA-3-4-17AGENDA 6 March 2017AGENDA 6/2/17Notice – Extra Mtg 2.2.17Agenda Jan 2017Finance Comm. Agenda Dec16Agenda -5-12-16AGENDA DEC 2016APC-FIN-FSC-AGENDA-4-11-16APC-AGENDA-Nov16Agenda 3-10-16APC-AGENDA-Notice-5-9-16AGENDA – 18 July 16AGENDA June 2016AGENDA – 9 May 2016AGENDA-25 April 2016AGENDA -AGENDA – March 16AGENDA- February 2016Finance Sub-committee 25-1-16AGENDA January 2016agenda-finance-11-1-16Agenda December 2015Finance Sub-committee 17.11.15Agenda Notice 2-11-15Agenda Oct 2015APC-AGENDA-docket-9-15Agenda Sept 2015Playing FieldAgenda July 2015Agenda – June 2015Agenda – May 2015Agenda – April 2015Agenda – Mar 2015Agenda – Feb 2015Agenda – Jan 2015Finance Agenda – Dec 2014Agenda – Dec 2014NP Steering Cttee agenda 12.11.14NP SteeringAgenda – Nov 2014Agenda NP subcomm 13 Oct 14Agenda – Oct 2014Agenda NP subcomm 30 Sept 14Agenda NP subcomm 24 Sept 14Agenda NP subcomm 9 Sept 14Agenda -Agenda NP Sub 26-08-14Agenda NP subcomm 19 Aug 2014Agenda NP subcomm 5-8-14Agenda NP sub com 29 July 14Planning sub-cttee mtg 22.7.2014Agenda – July 2014Extraordinary PC meetingAgenda – June 2014Agenda -Agenda – AprilAgenda – March 2014Agenda – Feb 2014Extraordinary meeting – 20.1.14Aagenda – Jan 2014Agenda -Finance CommitteeAgenda – November 2013Agenda – October 2013Agenda – Sept 2013Extraordinary Meeting – Aug 2013Agenda – July 2013Agenda – June 2013Agenda – May 2013Agenda – April 2013Extraordinary Meeting Apr – 2013Agenda – March 2013Agenda – February 2013Agenda – January 2013Agenda – May 2012Agenda – December 2012Agenda – November 2012Agenda – October 2012Agenda – September 2012Agenda – July 2012Agenda – June 2012Agenda – April 2012Agenda – March 2012Agenda – February 2012Agenda – January 2012Agenda – December 2011Agenda – November 2011Agenda – October 2011Agenda – September 2011Agenda – July 2011Agenda – June 2011Agenda – Extraordinary Meeting MaAgenda – May 2011Agenda – April 2011Agenda – March 2011Agenda – February 2011Extraordinary Parish Council MeetAgenda – January 2011Agenda – December 2010Agenda – November 2010Agenda – October 2010Agenda – September 2010Agenda – July 2010Agenda – June 2010Agenda – May 2010Agenda – April 2010Agenda – Extraordinary Meeting MaAgenda March 2010Agenda – February 2010Agenda – January 2010Agenda – December 09Agenda – November 09Agenda – October 09Agenda – September 09Agenda – July 09Agenda – June 09Agenda – May 09Agenda – April 09Agenda – March 09Agenda – Feb 09Agenda – January 09Agenda – December 08Agenda – November 08Agenda – October 08Agenda – September 08Agenda – July 08Agenda – June 08Agenda – May 08Agenda – April 2008Agenda – March 08Agenda – February 08Agenda – January 08Agenda – December 07Agenda – November 07Agenda – October 07Agenda – September 07Agenda – July 07Agenda – June 07Agenda – May 07Agenda – April 07Agenda – March 07Agenda – February 07Agenda – January 07Agenda – December 06Agenda – November 06Agenda – October 06Agenda – September 06Agenda – July 06Agenda – June 06Agenda – May 06Agenda – April 06Agenda – March 06Agenda – February 06Agenda – January 06Agenda – December 05Agenda – November 05Agenda – October 05Agenda – September 05Agenda – August 05Agenda – July 05Agenda – June 05Agenda – May 05Agenda – April 05Agenda – February 05

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